Bar 4 Bar: Roger Rebel “REBEL JERICHO” Review 

After two years of hard work, patience, and a high sense of perfection rather than a sense of urgency Roger Rebel brings theworld his first debut mixtape entitled “REBEL JERICHO”. Jam-packed with heavier lyrics than you can expect. Rebel utilizes the entirety of his instrumental choices. This is a trend that many artists fail to grasp where they chose to rap over a beat that would force a cadence from the artist that isn’t typically theirs. Emcees have seemingly lost the ability to focus on verses rather than a chorus. Rebel’s tactics when approaching a song is obviously a formula of his own creation. Tracks like “Gasman Von Intro” give listeners a summertime feel reminiscent of riding in the car with a father figure, windows down while playing the Isley Brother at questionably high volumes. Where songs like “I Can’t Sleep” hit you with a level of finesse one cannot ignore as entry level. “REBEL JERICHO” is definitely one for those impromptu car rides where you’d love to play something that will match the weather no matter what that may prove to be. There’s a song for every occasion on this project with lyrics that will keep you intrigued at all turns. If you don’t already be sure to follow Roger Rebel to keep up with future releases and news on the artist. 

Injustice 2 Red Hood Reveal Trailer 

After being equivalent to an extensive waiting period for a simple check up at your local hospital, we finally get the reveal trailer for the Red Hood. Here at Celestsuo, VinceYachichiki is the only Jason Todd fanboy in a sea of what may prove to be barren. Injustice 2 has only been out for a week and there has been plenty of hype surrounding the game since it’s release. Tournaments and ranked online matches test players might up against some of the best (and worst) Injustice players we’ve witnessed to date. Now gamers have a new character to master in Red Hood. Equipped with his signature dual pistols, combat knives, traders, and of course the birdarang. Todd’s agility shines bright as well aiming to make him a fighter with high mobility/maneuverability. If you haven’t picked up Injustice 2 you are severely missing out on the action and for those who have been playing since day one: prayers answered. 

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Jared Brooks – PENNYROYAL TEA [Album Review]

Greetings Celestials, after a long hiatus we return with a more solid foundation and linear direction to ensure our content meets a higher caliber of information for all to grasp and enjoy. 

We start fresh with an album review from Clayton County’s soon to be poster child, Jared Brooks of Imaginary Form/Park ATL. Just earlier today, Jared Brooks released an album full of interesting instrumentals to show you all that the producer turned emcee still has a knack for putting together a smooth beat. The album opens up with an intro reminiscent of your southern grandmother’s church band; playing soft tunes while the deacon casts prayer over the whole congregation. In all actuality, the entirety of the PENNYROYAL TEA prove to “take us to church” consistently throughout the album. 

Raising your eyebrows at the word, stretching your hands in unison with your neighbors as you look unto one giving you the best unspoken sermon you’ve ever witnessed. Mr. Ben is the perfect way to ease listeners into the style of Jared Brooks. Jazz and alternative rock influenced samples gently hold your skin while heavy drums alinf with piercing snares gut punch you to oblivion. 

Brooks did not disappoint with his return to producing. Seeing how years ago, Fiji took the southside by storm we were well aware the talented Jared Brooks never lost his niche. Stream as well as download “PENNYROYAL TEA” by Jared Brooks by following the links below. Also, stay in touch with the young artist by following his social media account also posted below. Enjoy life. Love often. 

Jared Brooks 



Injustice 2 DLC Pack 1

Top of the morning to all celestians. We’re on the count down day by day ready for Injustice 2. Of course, Netherealm decides to reveal more giving us so much already before launch. Today we have for you, the DLC Pack 1 reveal. Also, we have decided to not spoil the characters revealed in the trailer you all will have to see for yourselves and fangirl/fanboy out just as we have. Injustice 2 is set for release May 16th. Have you chops and combos ready my friends it’s going to be a long summer. 

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IT’S HERE: Darkseid Reveal Trailer

Ok, the moment we all have been waiting for has finally arrived in a freshly baked trailer showcasing Darkseid Gameplay for Injustice 2. This trailer did its purpose and delivered a hypebeast like reaction out of DC fans worldwide. Darkseid is seen executing combos with ease; hands behind his back and all punching opponents through boom tubes. Oh yeah, we also cannot forget about the deadly omega beams. If we weren’t hype before we sure are now as we are still trying to wipe the drool from out bottom lips. Due to the astonishment felt after watching our favorite villain do what he does best.

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Marvel vs Capcon Infinite Story Mode Trailer #1

What better way to unite two separate universes by putting two of their most respected and infamous villains side by side or to fuse them into one being. Well, Marvel vs Capcom Infinite did just that using Ultron and Sigma to push that idea forward merging the two into one entity known as “Ultron Sigma”. We believe this was an amazing way to introduce a story and get long term fans of the franchise fully on board bringing us two of the most notorious villains in all of villain history. Watch the latest trailer below while looking out for some interesting character reveals. 

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Sonic Forces (2017) Gameplay x Trailer

Sonic fans unite once again for a Sonic installment that’s not “Boom” and takes us back to what made us fall in love with everyone’s favorite blue hedgehog. Sonic Forces has a classic feel adding a 3D element to the side scrolling rustic style that, in a personal opinion, made games like Sonic and MegaMan stand out over the years. Though we’ve experienced many side scrolling games, those games in particular nailed it. Forces also has a Sonic Adventures element to it that look absolutely stunning. Check out the trailer after the jump and give us your thoughts on how you feel about the next big Sonic game. 

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