Roger Rebel ft. Flex Malik – Track 1 [prod. Mark Hundo]

Hot spitter Roger Rebel leaks a track from his list of projects he’s working on to relieve antsy fans of the audio drought we seem to be waltzing in. The music scene especially locally has become a redundant sea of ‘Mr. Me Too’s’ and yes men; songs like this with plenty of grit and gnashing of teeth is just what we like to see coming from local artists. The music world is a hunting grounds where everyone hunts for the same single game roaming a great plain by his lonesome. It’s going to take a lot of tenacity to be the victor, and Roger Rebel has that. His lyrics on “Track 1” are serious and straight the point with metaphoric elements keeping the thinking alive paired with the “get em up” style that is Flex Malik. We really enjoy this song in hopes that you all will as well. Follow Roger closely as he gets ready for a few projects and see how serious this rapper takes his craft.

[written by Hatsu-Yachichiki]

Fish out of Water III: Divine Tansmutation by YamataForever 

YamataForever gets ready for his upcoming album release of “The DarkFather” with a prelude instrumental compilation tape running concurrent with his Fish out of Water series. YamataForever’s plans are unknown but we feel as if he may be merging projects together in relation in order to create a comic book-like universe within his music. Fish out of Water III offers up a new take on his signature astral sound. Using mind over matter techniques to morph and already spacey sounding style into a divine dreamscape presented through sounds. Divine Transmutation gives us a feeling of enlightenment through darkness with a heavier undertone of light with these times.

You may stream the project through SoundCloud and/or DL it via bandcamp by following the links below.

Bandcamp DL:

SoundCloud Streaming: 

Evole/Celestia Prestents: Dode the Ruff Magician by Fir$t Born [Album Review]

Damon “Fir$t Born” Thomas has been on a hot streak lately it’s no surprise we were being led up to something even bigger than we’d ever imagine. Fir$t Born compiled all of his unused, unheard creations and put them all into one extensively long album. 97 songs of pure energy and elegance; similar to an anxiety raising card deal in a life or death poker game with the listener not knowing what they’ll hear next. Songs of the widest variety filled with exciting production give life and meaning to this project proving to be a climactic roller coaster. 

A few tracks that stood out to us in particular are “Staring At My Fro 2”, “Transition”, “Savvy City”, “Day by Day”, and “Divine Timing”. The way Fir$t Born approaches these beats is free, expressive, and emotionally charged. Using his verbal skills to give you a vivid picture of what goes of on in the mind of the young artist. We feel that this is only a small fraction of his ability to bring a new light to your artistic pleasures. Below you will find the link to “Dode the Ruff Magician” available for streaming/download. Happy Birthday Fir$t Born keep on creating. 

Dode the Ruff Magician by Fir$t Born

Corey Arnell – Triple Deke EP

Corey Arnell gifts fans with a quick EP to give us a nice bump to get through the shortage of good audio crack. “Triple Deke” is a three track project showing us what the New Orleans producer does best full of exciting techniques never heard of by any other beatmaker. Give “Triple Deke” a good listen and follow Corey Arnell as he will always deliver a refreshing sound for all to enjoy.