Injustice 2 Dr. Fate Reveal Trailer

Greetings gamers, the almighty omnipotent Dr. Fate has arrived in this new character reveal. Dr. Fate is well known in the DC universe for his unrivaled magic abilities that reside with the helmet of the Lord of Order, Nabu, allowing its wearer of the item along with his cloak of destiny and the amulet of Anubis to be Dr. Fate. Dr. Fate seems to be a long range fighter with a few close up combos mainly in the form of projectile magic. Take a look at fluid style of Dr. Fate as we count down for the official release of the game this May.

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Fir$t Born – Gift I Was Given [prod. Zik Ozo]

The galactic collective that is Synth Savvy team up for another Fir$t Born spitting, well raging, to a beastly Zik Ozo instrumental filling up the chest with so much cosmically inclined girth. Take a well rewarded listen after the jump and experience what the future sounds like.

[written by hatsu]

PPSSPP Emulator Review

Welcome all, today we introduce a new addition to the team with an exciting review of the emulator PPSSPP by the brilliant mind that is Kairos.

App Version: 1.3
Price: Free ($5.99 for Gold Edition that removes ads on Android)

PPSSPP is a PSP emulator developed by Henrik Rydgard + The PPSSPP Team for Windows, Android, iOS, MacOSX, Blackberry 10 and Symbian. It’s open source, and in my opinion, the ideal choice for playing PSP games aside from using an actual PSP. The emulator is polished and jam-packed with nifty design choices that make the emulation experience very enjoyable. Off the bat, the user interface stood out most to me. It’s very slick and feels like a mini OS. The home screen lets you view a list of recently played games accompanied by thumbnails and background images; while it’s not a revolutionary feature, it does give the emulator its own identity and charm.

image 1.png
Each game you play gets added to your Recent tab allowing you to launch them with ease

Feature-wise, it provides you with your bread and butter emulation settings: frame skipping, rendering and resolution options, texture scaling and filtering, debugging and more. There’s a built-in X input that allows Xbox 360 controller usage without much configuration. There are also networking options along with the Homebrew Store but I haven’t tested them out yet.

image 2.png
The settings provide more than enough customization for all of your graphical, networking and controller needs. I do wish there were more audio features though

I tested the emulator on Windows and Android. I have a decent laptop so the emulator didn’t give me many problems on Windows. Games are up-scaled nicely in fullscreen mode and being able to save states via my controller was convenient. The Android app ran surprisingly well too. I bought the Gold edition of the app to support the developers but honestly didn’t see much difference between it and the free edition. Android did have some hiccups with big games, though. Crisis Core, Dissidia and Monster Hunter gave me some issues. Final Fantasy: Type-0 was pretty much unplayable on my Moto G4 Play, a mid-range phone.

image 3.png
Monster Hunter Portable 3rd HD on PPSSPP Windows

image 4.png
Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII on PPSSPP Android

Control-wise there’s a lot of customization. However, I’m not a big fan of touch controls so I definitely spent more time using my MOGA Hero bluetooth controller. It works great with the emulator and aside from some input delay, I totally recommend it for mobile gaming.

Here is a list of devices I tested the emulator on:

– Acer Aspire E 15 Laptop (Windows 10 64-bit, Intel Core i5-6200U 2.3 GHz, NVIDIA GeForce 940MX (2GB), 8GB RAM) – Ran excellent on this. Aside from the occassional graphic and audio lag, I didn’t have many problems.

– Moto G4 Play – A lot of hiccups but most games I tried were playable. Heavier games gave me issues and lead to countless crashes.

– Moto X – Better than the G4 but not by a lot. Occasional crashes.

image 5.png
Save states are easily accessible via controller or the back button on Android

  • Pros

– Multi-platform and ease of portability
– Nice menu UI
– Gamepad support on Android
– The ability to save states via controller
– Clean up-scaling in full-screen mode
– Multi-langauge support

  • Cons
    – Big games may give you trouble depending on your phone (Android)
    – Had some audio latency issues (Windows and Android)
    – Occasional lag (Windows and Android)

The verdict: 4/5


[written by Kairos]

#HappyBHM Negro Spirituals: Domino Swift

It is always a great day to be black. It is also an even better day to be a black nerd. To be getting more representation as of late in comics especially black women has caught the eyes of many whether good or bad, it would be a shame not to acknowledge the fact that we are finally seeing more black supers and non-supers in a way that’s not corny and stereotypical.

Today we will discuss Motor Crush’s Domino Swift who is a black woman who races motorcycles legally by day, and illegally by night and if you ask us that makes premise for a very promising story. Domino races for sport and for an illegal substance called “Crush” that’s a steroid-like substance that stimulates the rider but ultimately, the motorcycles as well and just like any drug too much of it at one time can be deadly.

Domino is a dream come true with real wits, style, and a hardcore personality to match alongside her trusty bat studded with nails to meet the faces of anyone who gets on her bad side. Domino is apparently adopted and has a conversation with her father about where she came from and why when she drinks vials of Crush she doesn’t feel like she’s going to die unlike the rest of the users. Her father expresses his concern for her using like any father who is worried about his daughter but wants her to remain the individual she truly is.

Motor Crush is an interesting book  by publisher Image Comics and the Batgirl Burnside team; filled with colorful ideas and enough suspense to make you start reading. While Domino’s character is the reason you’ll continue to follow this book closely is you haven’t already. It’s only three issues in so it should be fairly easy to hop right in the story. Pick up Motor Crush from your local comic book store and share your findings about Domino Swift with us in the comments section and/or with your comic book friends.

Injustice 2: Poison Ivy/Cheetah/Catwoman/Black Canary

Greetings again everyone, we’re here once again with more Injustice reveal trailers for you all to geek out even more over. Seems like the characters keep getting a lot more interesting than the last with interactive dialogue that is sure to have any fan shed a tear at the accuracy that this game follows alongside its comic book counterparts. Pamela Isley and Barbara Ann have joined the fray. #girlpower

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