Han Solo #3 Review

Celestsuo ™

Greetings Wermz, Marvel and Star Wars have been putting out quite a number of books to add on to their extended universe in the already massive Star Wars realm. We’re taking time to cover the great Han Solo’s adventures between the times of the Empire taking a rise to power and the most recent Force Awakens respective timelines. Since this review is covering issue number 3 we shall shed a few pieces of information to bring you up to speed. This book starts off with Princess Leia calling upon the galaxy’s most famous smuggler and his furry companion, Han Solo and Chewbacca. The Rebellion has a group of informants who have information on the Empire and it is Han Solo’s job to rescue one of these informants in particular who may be holding secrets that could cripple the Empire forces severely. Of course this wouldn’t be a Han Solo story…

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