Nighthawk #4 Review

Celestsuo ™

In a setting where racial tensions are at an all time high reminding many from the older generations of the state their country was in as they were coming into age. Where unarmed men are gunned down by the same forces sworn in to protect. Where weaknesses are exploited for the financial gains of selfish institutions and corporations. David F. Walker writes a comic that gives every Afro-American gentleman a small shimmer of hope in these re-darkened times. Kyle Raymond is that superhero every black man and woman should want to see. From kicking redneck neo-nazi’s in the head with a pair of Yeezy Boosts to keeping the rich from purchasing out lower income areas to build shopping malls and lofts on. Nighthawk is the hero we need. The reasoning is vast but we will touch on that at the end of this review.

Nighthawk finds himself in a situation…

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