Spider-Man #7 Review

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With Civil War II coming to a long drawn out close, the tie-in’s keep rolling out forcing those trying to stay as far away from Civil War II as they can to read tie-in’s involving most of our favorite heroes. Not all are bad, but majority don’t seem necessary in our eyes. Moving right along, this time we’ll be going over the events happening in Miles Morales’ Spider-Man issue number 7.

Last issue, Miles was approached by Tony Stark with a proposition to join his side of the fight in the ongoing dispute between himself and Carol Danvers (Captain Marvel) over an inhuman who can see cataclysmic events in the future. Miles finds himself near the inhuman when he happens to have a vision of the Hulk going berserk laying waste to majority of your favorite heroes; Earth’s mightiest heroes then know that up against something beyond their understanding after…

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