The Suicide Squad Movie and Why You Should Always See Things For Yourself.

Celestsuo ™

Needless Disclaimer: This article is very opinionated, read with an open mind.

The DCEU has had its fair share of problems with its movies. After the Ryan Renolds Green Lantern film we thought all hope was lost forever. DC has decided to take the cinematics a lot more seriously and give us a more accurate on take the characters they’ve created that we love oh so much. Man of Steel being the first to take the stage in their new initiative to get these movies back on track. Though we at Nerdwermz enjoyed it, many of the public gave it pretty bad criticism. Second was Batman vs Superman which was better received still suffered from the harsh criticism of knowledge-less fanboys.

The most recent in the DCEU to be released was Suicide Squad. Going in this movie my expectations were extremely high and I say they were met. The characters…

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