WeebWermz Recommends: Terra Formars x Terra Formars Revenge

Celestsuo ™

Humans, roaches, and outer space: Terra Formars is one big “What if…” scenario where everyone’s worst nightmare has come to realization. Extremely large roaches taking over the Earth. This anime is a wild ride full of twists, turns, and a lot of people dying horrid deaths.

The main plot of Terra Formars is an alien virus has plagued the planet Earth and at the time there is no antidote. The extraterrestrial disease has affected people close to the main characters of the story. A young man by the name of Hizamaru Akari was found fighting for his friend whom he had fallen in love with became ill due to this alien sickness. An organization by the name of U-NASA approached him knowing the status of his friend informing him that she in fact passed, yet the curators of the dog style cage fights knew this and only sought to use…

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