WeebWermz Recommends: Twin Star Exorcist

Celestsuo ™

Anime has taken a redundant turn for the worst as of late. Focusing on the more popular shows neglecting the fans who want to see new and exciting stories to geek out over. Many anime watchers feel as if they’ve lost their way with anime because of this upsetting trend. Recently after purchasing a Crunchyroll account, I thought it was time I get back to my roots and attempt to find a new show to cling on to. In my search I came across a show entitled “Twin Star Exorcist” and was immediately interested because who doesn’t love a good exorcist anime? No one right? Exactly.

Twin Star Exorcist is pretty much an anime about a young boy named Enmado Rokuro and a young girl Adashino Benio who must get married and have a child called the “Miko” to save all of humanity. Which may not seem like a lot…

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