Negro Spirituals: Mosaic #1 Review

Basketball, huge egos, sentient energy, and T-Fleek? Mosaic issue one allots for a new hero of color to come on to the forefront of new comic book characters. As of late publishers have been revamping characters we’ve known for years and majority of the populous thinks it’s time that brand new characters are introduced/created. What better way to accomplish that than to create a hero of color very few can relate to on a professional level but relate to many on the emotional scale.

This comic starts off in the heat of a basketball game with MVP superstar Morris Sackett literally dunking on the competition while giving a bad explanation of there two types of players. Understood. Morris is an arrogant star player who is pretty much a daddy’s boy; Morris’ father takes pride in his son and it also seems to us that he is living his life through Morris. After the game, Morris and his father converse about him calming his tone in order to land endorsement deals one of those deals being with Tony Stark. Morris is then met outside by his lover “T-Fleek” and a few angry teammates to comment on Sackett’s huge ego and how they’re tired of it for a lack of better words. While this is going on a cloud of Terrigen mist rolls itself right onto the balcony capturing Morris in the process.

We’re now met with T-Fleek and Morris’ father at a press conference discussing the whereabouts of Morris as the crowd looks on with concern. The fans and loved ones grow restless when they transport the Terrigen cocoon to a lab where they can keep a closer watch on Morris. The doctors/scientists inform Mr. Sackett that he will have to play the waiting game due to the extremely unknown nature of the Terrigen when T-Fleek (really? T-Fleek?) storms in cursing everyone out saying they know nothing about what’s going on and they cannot do anything to help. As T-Fleek is ranting the cocoon begins to hatch and out steps a mucky black bolt-esque looking creature. Everyone in the lab is startled by this and try to detain Morris before Tia aka T-Fleek hits him with something and he dematerialized into the pure energy like form we’ve seen in previews and early diagnostics of the character and he crashes out of the window flying right into the body of a bystander.

At this moment, Morris realizes something strange is going on as he is getting the thoughts, feelings, and knowledge of the person whose body he now has control of.  Morris tries to come to but lets off some really weird dialogue saying, “I’m Morris. I’m Fife. We’re Morris. We’re Fife.”, when a old man comes to the aid of the man who Morris is now in. With one glare into Fife’s eyes Morris jumps bodies instantly into the older man who so happens to be a six language speaking Korean. Everything Morris looks at is a blue light like energy that gets brighter in some people and dimmer in others. Morris runs to the subway train and is confronted by two guys looking to take everything that this man owns but instead Morris jumps into one of the bodies of these gangster looking kids. Talking to himself, Morris realizes again that he is jumping bodies faster than the first few times and that he also retains the knowledge of everyone he takes over.

At this point, Morris finds himself in the body of one the Spanish thugs that confronted him on the train as he was in another person’s body named Beto. He then uses this opportunity to text Tia and let her know that he is alive; she doesn’t believe him in the slightest. Pablo, the man of the friend who Morris now possesses, tells his accomplice that they have a job to complete which is later proven to be an illegal job dealing with robbery of a rival gangs loot. Upon meeting the boss for the said job being ran by a woman named Angel, Morris kisses Angel stating that he always had feelings for her. This is a result of the possession as Morris gains the memories and emotions of the body he takes over. Morris and his vessel’s gang are caught by one of the other gang affiliates when Pablo pulls out a gun and shoots him. The three make a break for it and are met at the exit by the man who Pablo shot when he decides to return the favor shooting back at the trio striking Beto with a bullet in the back.

Mosaic issue one has proven to gain our interests with a gradually climatic first edition bringing a brand new character of color into the light of mainstream comics. We hope Mosaic lasts the test of time without getting cancelled due to lack of sales and/or popularity. Let us know what you think of this exciting new book feel free to like, comment, and share your thoughts.

[written by Hatsu]


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