Negro Spirituals: Vigilante: Southland #1 of 6 Review

Los Angeles, California the city were dreams come true, or were nightmares take shape and everything you may have taken for granted is taken away from you. Intense local basketball court games and even intenser police. The city where the Riots of  manifested and in the ashes rose a society as strong as the phoenix. Now, has become a city where those who fight corruption are killed and the loved ones are faced with the decision of vengeance or justice.

After being confronted by a police officer for being outside while black, Donny and his friends get off easy when their white cohort asks the officer if there is any problem and the officer kindly leaves. Coming home to a freshly rolled joint paired with well needed video games, the girlfriend of our main character enters the room reminding Donny that he missed another of her rallies. Apparently, Dorrie is involved in social reform for minorities as well as everyone to be treated equally; just before Dorrie came home she took what looks like a stack of files from an establishment. She continues to fuss at him saying how there is more to life than basketball and getting high. Sound familiar to anyone?

The next day, Donny is at his job given to him by his old coach as a janitor telling his co-worker about Dorrie going “Spike Lee” on him blaming her personality on her upbringing. As Donny rags on his lover, we get to another panel where Dorrie is on her way to school riding her bike is run down by a car aiming right for her. Following shortly after, Donny is then informed about his lovers death. At the funeral Donny stands off to the side of everyone looking standoffish wish a fresh new haircut (he had dreadlocs prior to Dorrie’s death). Staring at a man in the far distance who is smoking a cigar looking indirectly at the funeral taking place.

Back at the home of Dorrie’s mother the story takes place with family and friends gathering around giving their condolences to Nina and Donny. Nina leans in to Donny telling him that she will update him on anything she finds in Dorrie’s belongings. Later that same day we get a view of the man behind the attack on Dorrie, Spectros. He believes that Donny is not an issue because he’s a washed up NBA player obsessed with marijuana. As the talk goes on we see another panel with Nina looking at the files taken by her daughter before her death; these files look similar to blueprints with a plan to the said blueprints. Donny Fairchild is getting in his car on the phone with an accomplice. He speaks on how the cops cannot help with anything and he knows a person, who is referred to as Iceberg Slim the Second, who can be of great use for information.

Arriving in Baldwin Hills, Donny walks in to the backroom of a club to talk to a man calling him Young Lion. Of course this man would have to be Donny’s father. The two talk for a while coming to an agreement devising a plan to find out information Dorrie’s killer. Donnie’s father locates the witness who saw her get struck by the vehicle roughing him up to make him talk. The police didn’t give the witness any credence where as the witness is a known drug addict. It takes a few tries but the witness ends up telling them what happened verbatim. Dorrie was ran down by a car that came straight for her with intentions of running her over to kill her. The driver of the car got out to check and see if he finished his job driving off afterwards. The father-son duo hit the streets for more information looking for he killer. The witness that helped them the first time in turn contacted an associate of Spectros ratting on Donny and his father coming to him looking for information. Learning that his father’s name is Percy the surrounding area explodes.

We truly believe that DC is onto something with this book. The six part miniseries came in very strong and hopefully it lives up to our expectations. The artwork in this book is cunningly gritty yet crisp being intriguingly fun to look at. If you haven’t already give this one a shot then proceed to give us your thoughts on it. Until nest time, peace.

[written by Hatsu]




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