Daniel “Elliott Indigo” Hardy x VHS Black Friday Skate Part

Greetings again Celestials, our good friends over in Las Vegas going by the skateboarding collective known as “VHS” have started a movement bringing skateboarding back to the streets where it belongs. With the over-hyped stigma that is skateboarding, these individuals come together as a unit to bring love back to skating. CELESTIA vocalist and producer Elliott Indigo is apart of this skateboarding team/company and he has come to us with his very own skate part to showcase his skills as a 10+ year veteran. Elliott Indigo, who’s name is Daniel Hardy, also filmed/edited the video under his videography/photography brand “Chill Imagery”. Talk about jacks of all traits right? Please enjoy this video as much as we have.

Contact Chill Imagery for video and photography needs through his Facebook page and/or  email. Also, leave comments on his steez below. Enjoy.

Chill Imagery Contact

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100009101128317

Email: Chill.Imagery@gmail.com


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