FIRST LOOK: The Few #1 by Sean Lewis and Hayden Sherman


Image Comics is a lesser known powerhouse comic book company that more times than not allows its artists and writers to create as they see fit for themselves and the works they are putting into manifestation. SAINTS writer and well-known playwright Sean Lewis teams up with Hayden Sherman’s one of a kind art style for a science fictional limited series taking place in what seems like a not so promising future for America. We are accompanied by two brothers fending for their lives in order to survive and a woman with a baby and gun. Interesting right? Hayden Sherman has worked on Kingpin issues 3 &4, All-New Captain America, and John Carter: The End just to name a few. Sean Lewis is an acclaimed writer/playwright known for his recent run with Image for the comic book SAINTS, Dogs of Rwanda, and directing View From The Bridge as well as many more glorious works.

We’re very excited to see what this great team of creators have conjured up for us this go round. Feel free to check out a few panels from the upcoming book “The Few” and let us know what you think.

[via Comics Alliance]


[written by Hatsu]



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