Opinionated: Ghost in the Shell (2017 Official Trailer)

Live action remakes are at an all time high. Bringing many popular tv shows, anime series, comic books, and video games to the big screen a lot of fans have found ways to gripe about various issues such as representation of proper characterization and storyline accuracy simultaneously. The most controversial at the moment would have to be Ghost in the Shell. It has been on the forefront of complaints with actress Scarlett Johansson playing Major Mokoto Kusanagi. Many argue that since the show was originally a Japanese anime, the casting of Maj. Kusanagi is being misrepresented as she should be played by an Asian actress. Now, we are in a time where racial representation in film is being seen inaccurate as of late. With fans taking heat to The Flash’s tv show to the upcoming Spider-Man movie depicting Mary Jane as a young black female, Ghost in the Shell is no stranger to this trend. Personally, I am excited to see an actress of Johansson’s caliber playing the great Major Kusanagi in hopes that her role is portrayed correctly. In the GinS anime, Kusanagi is a techo-organic organism (cyborg) so her race is completely unknown in this sense. So to all the sadly upset fans out there, give it a shot before you right it off because the visuals look absolutely stunning.

[via movieclip trailers]

[written by Hatsu]


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