The Unworthy Thor #1 [Review]

Marvel has finally gotten something right with their newest Odinson run, “The Unworthy Thor”. In the chaos that is Civil War II it is nice to get a totally unrelated book as we float through the realms of Midgard with Odinson and his mighty, axe? Picking up exactly where it left off, this book just might be a new favorite as well as one to follow along very closely. Knowing what we already know about the events from Original Sin where Odinson lost his ability to wield the hammer after being told a secret by Nick Fury, the rise of Jane Foster, and Odinson’s battle with Malekith that left him without an arm. We still don’t know what was said by Fury, but what we do hope is while using context clues we may be coming into finding out what was said maybe a little down the line in The Unworthy Thor run.

We catch Odinson in the first few pages putting up a fight against what looks like an ambush of sorts on a prison-like planet. The saddening and worrisome dialogue that Odinson gives us about why he is in the state he is in and how much he misses hearing the sounds of his cape flapping in the vasts of space as he star cruises through the universe as a protector is instantly followed by a burst of motivation to get back to his original, god-like self. In this moment of time, Odinson does not wield the uru hammer that is Mjonir. Though, of course hope isn’t lost when Odinson finds out about another hammer belonging to the Ultimate Universe pre-dating the Secret Wars event of last year.

Rewinding back to three months prior, Odinson is on the moon with his goat telling him to eat whatever is not him indicating that something along the lines of a fight is about to take shape. Odinson descends into a crater stating how there is one thing he can do that is the same as he did when he was Thor; the smiting of trolls. Upon “running up” on the trolls looking for trouble, the trolls immediately realize Odinson is without his hammer. A fight pursues and Odinson grabs an axe, Jarnbjorn, nearby. He fights hard but is outmatched by the King of Trolls, Ulik. Ulik so naively gloats over a beaten Odinson when his trusty goat Toothgnasher rams Ulik in the stomach laying him down. The battle seems to take another leap forward. Odinson gives us more dialogue as he cuts his was through enemies with his replacement arm made of black Uru.

Odinson is proven the victor and the trolls escape claiming they just found refuge in the moon and they always have to leave when comfortable. Odinson throws his axe at their flying ship missing in the process followed by the trolls mocking his aim. Self doubt and loathing kick in when he speaks on how he lost everything on the moon. He is then approached by a being in a cloak resembling the Watcher. This being claims to be The Unseen telling Odinson he sees all and that another hammer exists from a dead Thor. Getting all the information he can out of The Unseen, Odinson and Toothgnasher race off to Old Asgard where he believes if the hammer would fly anywhere it would end up there. Once the duo reach Old Asgard, Odinson finds it in complete ruins. Beta Ray Bill shows up in these ruins and knows about the second (more original) hammer saying they’ll need an entire army to get it back. Also telling us he knows who took this hammer and why they did. Offering up his own hammer in order for Odinson to once wield a hammer again.

[written by Hatsu]


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