Curbside Jones – SHEEP SZN

Ever sit back and think what it would be like if the golden ages of hip-hop were still prevalent in today’s music industry? Ever wonder what would rap be like if more people were influenced by artists such as Mos Def, Big L, and MF Doom? Fret not, Austin rapper/producer Curbside Jones has the right amounts of golden era vibes mixed with just enough digitally flavorful energy you can dive right into. Curbside Jones has recently released a new single entitled “SHEEP SZN” for those who feel like total outcasts in today’s society. Heavy lines like, “talk is cheap so i dipped my teeth in gold, i know that’s the same shit they identify the slaves with, revolution’s not makeshift we taking back the slave ship”, will make you think twice about saying there’s no proper representation in hip-hop as of late. Be sure to support Curbside Jones by purchasing this single and many more of his great musical collections in the links below as well following the Emcee on twitter. Peace.

vocals/production by Curbside Jones

artwork by Levy


Curbside Jones

[written by Hatsu]


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