Nerd boy fresh, Black Power Ranger, and lyrics that blerds everywhere can connect with. LUKEY CAGE is an intense Emcee never slacking on his content. Utilizing comic book and various nerd cultured topics in a way that is ingenious instead of corny is what majority of nerd rappers have failed to accomplish. After recently bumping into the talented Emcee at a local Kroger in Atlanta trying to figure out where the Operation Doomsday was playing from; I was blessed with a CD of one of Lukey Cage’s projects and was immediately taken aback by the fact I was passed a CD which many artists lack today because of the social media branding that has rendered the CD obsolete. After giving him a listen, he quickly rose to top 5 Emcee’s I’ve heard that are underground. With an extremely large MF DOOM influence and a ODB-esque cadence Lukey Cage will keep you on your toes and cheesing very hard at the usage of comic book culture in his music. If you are a huge fan of waking up to Wednesday morning comic book pulls and Star Wars puns, this artist is for you. If you are not into nerd culture, this artist is still for you because of his universal style reminiscent of the golden age that will surely keep you glued. Stream his album LUKE CAGE FOREVER which dropped last September and add it to your favorite playlist.



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