#HappyBHM Curbside Jones – MAGNETIC

Greetings Celestians and Dystopians, it’s Black History Month and the kids are more than likely building collages on Malcolm X for their redundant school project we all hated doing in a system where they couldn’t care any less. So, here’s something a tad bit different. Though not a project for a school system, Curbside Jones puts out a beat tape project for the soul instead. MAGNETIC features a nice bouncy, airy atmosphere to your listening ears alongside some deep kicks and heavy snares to remind you where we started. Keeping the roots alive as everyone should attempt to do in this world that chooses to remain reluctant to telling truths. The authentic feeling you get from MAGNETIC is unmatched; something you might be able to play for your parents and/or grandparents and watch them nod their heads as they remember listening to their favorite Golden Era songs that filled the body with so much emotion. Curbside Jones is keeping all old hip-hop heads hope alive with his modern take on a sound lost over the decades. Purchase MAGNETIC on Bandcamp or Soundcloud and take your hearts on a journey. BE MAGNETIC.



5 thoughts on “#HappyBHM Curbside Jones – MAGNETIC

  1. oh man, definitely vibing out with this. It has those MF Doom type feel to it. How would you classify this music if it had a genre? I couldn’t really put my finger on it if I had to give it a title


    1. i apologze for the lateness in replay but yes i am on FB i’d love to join the group and share the article with them thank you for the opportunity

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