#HappyBHM Negro Spirituals: Domino Swift

It is always a great day to be black. It is also an even better day to be a black nerd. To be getting more representation as of late in comics especially black women has caught the eyes of many whether good or bad, it would be a shame not to acknowledge the fact that we are finally seeing more black supers and non-supers in a way that’s not corny and stereotypical.

Today we will discuss Motor Crush’s Domino Swift who is a black woman who races motorcycles legally by day, and illegally by night and if you ask us that makes premise for a very promising story. Domino races for sport and for an illegal substance called “Crush” that’s a steroid-like substance that stimulates the rider but ultimately, the motorcycles as well and just like any drug too much of it at one time can be deadly.

Domino is a dream come true with real wits, style, and a hardcore personality to match alongside her trusty bat studded with nails to meet the faces of anyone who gets on her bad side. Domino is apparently adopted and has a conversation with her father about where she came from and why when she drinks vials of Crush she doesn’t feel like she’s going to die unlike the rest of the users. Her father expresses his concern for her using like any father who is worried about his daughter but wants her to remain the individual she truly is.

Motor Crush is an interesting book  by publisher Image Comics and the Batgirl Burnside team; filled with colorful ideas and enough suspense to make you start reading. While Domino’s character is the reason you’ll continue to follow this book closely is you haven’t already. It’s only three issues in so it should be fairly easy to hop right in the story. Pick up Motor Crush from your local comic book store and share your findings about Domino Swift with us in the comments section and/or with your comic book friends.


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