Injustice 2 Red Hood Reveal Trailer 

After being equivalent to an extensive waiting period for a simple check up at your local hospital, we finally get the reveal trailer for the Red Hood. Here at Celestsuo, VinceYachichiki is the only Jason Todd fanboy in a sea of what may prove to be barren. Injustice 2 has only been out for a week and there has been plenty of hype surrounding the game since it’s release. Tournaments and ranked online matches test players might up against some of the best (and worst) Injustice players we’ve witnessed to date. Now gamers have a new character to master in Red Hood. Equipped with his signature dual pistols, combat knives, traders, and of course the birdarang. Todd’s agility shines bright as well aiming to make him a fighter with high mobility/maneuverability. If you haven’t picked up Injustice 2 you are severely missing out on the action and for those who have been playing since day one: prayers answered. 

[via Injustice]


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