Bar 4 Bar: Roger Rebel “REBEL JERICHO” Review 

After two years of hard work, patience, and a high sense of perfection rather than a sense of urgency Roger Rebel brings theworld his first debut mixtape entitled “REBEL JERICHO”. Jam-packed with heavier lyrics than you can expect. Rebel utilizes the entirety of his instrumental choices. This is a trend that many artists fail to grasp where they chose to rap over a beat that would force a cadence from the artist that isn’t typically theirs. Emcees have seemingly lost the ability to focus on verses rather than a chorus. Rebel’s tactics when approaching a song is obviously a formula of his own creation. Tracks like “Gasman Von Intro” give listeners a summertime feel reminiscent of riding in the car with a father figure, windows down while playing the Isley Brother at questionably high volumes. Where songs like “I Can’t Sleep” hit you with a level of finesse one cannot ignore as entry level. “REBEL JERICHO” is definitely one for those impromptu car rides where you’d love to play something that will match the weather no matter what that may prove to be. There’s a song for every occasion on this project with lyrics that will keep you intrigued at all turns. If you don’t already be sure to follow Roger Rebel to keep up with future releases and news on the artist. 


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