DaveyWestB – Crisps [prod. YamataForever]

Davey West and YamataForever have a long history of creating songs that’ll peak your interest but never a track like “Crisps”. Crisps offers a smooth 5th dimension to the audio-scape and mental-scapes alike. West hits his notes perfectly without strain over a nice array of jazz samples and astral-like sfx to match the intensity. Listening to Crisps is like watching an outro to a Bill Nye documentary special about frequencies and how sounds travel through space, or like an intergalactic ode to a lover from another lifetime. Crisps is up for purchase on iTunes, be sure to support Davey West by buying the single for .99 cent or streaming it on spotify.


Fir$t Born – Gift I Was Given [prod. Zik Ozo]

The galactic collective that is Synth Savvy team up for another Fir$t Born spitting, well raging, to a beastly Zik Ozo instrumental filling up the chest with so much cosmically inclined girth. Take a well rewarded listen after the jump and experience what the future sounds like. 


[written by hatsu]

#HappyBHM Curbside Jones – MAGNETIC

Greetings Celestians and Dystopians, it’s Black History Month and the kids are more than likely building collages on Malcolm X for their redundant school project we all hated doing in a system where they couldn’t care any less. So, here’s something a tad bit different. Though not a project for a school system, Curbside Jones puts out a beat tape project for the soul instead. MAGNETIC features a nice bouncy, airy atmosphere to your listening ears alongside some deep kicks and heavy snares to remind you where we started. Keeping the roots alive as everyone should attempt to do in this world that chooses to remain reluctant to telling truths. The authentic feeling you get from MAGNETIC is unmatched; something you might be able to play for your parents and/or grandparents and watch them nod their heads as they remember listening to their favorite Golden Era songs that filled the body with so much emotion. Curbside Jones is keeping all old hip-hop heads hope alive with his modern take on a sound lost over the decades. Purchase MAGNETIC on Bandcamp or Soundcloud and take your hearts on a journey. BE MAGNETIC.


TheWolvesDen – Phendrana Mist

Good morning celestials and ferals, today we are going to give spotlight to something we should have done quite some time ago. TheWolvesDen is a trusted friend who have recently found his niche with producing and it is such a breath of fresh air. To get these organic sounds filled with simultaneous emotion, is something that we lack in this musical industry. We feel as if people are ready for a change and something new to listen to, TheWolvesDen is your guy. TheWolvesDen also participates in podcasts touching on various subjects ranging from hip-hop to nerd inclined subjects. Listen to Phendrana Mist and enlighten us on your thoughts. Be sure to follow TheWolvesDen on twitter and soundclouds respectively.


Elliott Indigo – Ichigo Chronicles [prod. YamataForever]

Good evening all, just in time for your nightly listening pleasure Elliott Indigo of CELESTIA comes out with a new song produced by YamataForever showcasing his verbal artistry and skills to ride a beat smoothly. Follow closely as CELESTIA gears up to make a progressive march forward as they continue to release/work on unique outlets certain to shake up the natural order of the known world as is.