Brainiac Reveal Trailer – Injustice 2

After finally getting a plot synopsis to the game and with only less than a month away from release, Brainiac the intergalactic Tyrant of information and conquest joins the game with an army of evil minions ready to seize the planet Earth. Brainiac’s skill seems to be a little unorthodox but maintaining the essence of order that he embodies well within comics and animation. What better way to bring together the Regime of Superman and Batman’s faction than to bring one of DC’s most formidable villains in all of their respective universes.

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[written by Hatsuo]

Introducing Captain Cold + Injustice 2 Watchtower Stream #6

Captain Cold gets his stand alone trailer for Injustice 2 and we must it is very exciting. This iconic Flash villain utilizes his cold gun to create ice constructs, freeze opponents, launch projectile style ice shards. Plus a few hand to hand combat moves to keep this character well balanced.

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Injustice 2 Watchtower is a live streaming of characters in the game going head to head in some friendly matches. Giving us a full breakdown and also a glimpse of what to expect from certain features in the game. Today’s features Captain Cold, Flash, and Bane. Follow Castel’s YouTube channel for Watchtower streams prior to launch on May 16 of this year. 

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JuegoTheNinety – Put Water iN It [Official Visuals]

True American Gun Lust is still fresh on our minds with the addition of a new visual   to sort out things into perspective and give us a fun video full of energy that’s infectious to those watching. Slight raging on a park bench and infamous jail pose stances in from a driveway give this video an interesting dynamic. As it consistently flips back and forth between Juego pouring water on every surface he comes across. Cameos from Flash Giordani and Witty Rock let us know, family first. 

K+ Wanderland – Turbulence: Fear at 30,000 Feet

Kosher K underwent a name change and in honor of such he divises up a collage of artwork to go along with a set of songs coherent to the collage (fancy way to say mixtape right?). Turbulence offers a different perspective on what you know as contemporary art and music as a whole. When you look at the Turbulence collage it grasps you at the cornea, diminishing your cornea reflex hindering you from blinking as you wouldn’t want to miss a thing in this piece. The musical works to go along with exceed expectations of what we know as modern. K+ Wanderland has only been producing for less than a year and has already managed to develop a sound he can call his own. Drumless tracks are essential to understanding how you’re supposed to precieve the artwork that came along with it. This cosmically inclined composition of music and art puts the mind in a place of question; allowing one to believe in more than just himself/herself through the power of artistry. Knowing that fear is only of the mind, and to conquer means to embrace that fear. Ultimately becoming stronger and beyond human. We expect big things from K+ Wanderland this year and also in the years to come. 

Turbulence: Fear at 30,000 Feet (Art Collage)

Turbulence: Fear at 30,000 Feet (Mixtape)

[written by Hatsu-Yachichiki]

Roger Rebel ft. Flex Malik – Track 1 [prod. Mark Hundo]

Hot spitter Roger Rebel leaks a track from his list of projects he’s working on to relieve antsy fans of the audio drought we seem to be waltzing in. The music scene especially locally has become a redundant sea of ‘Mr. Me Too’s’ and yes men; songs like this with plenty of grit and gnashing of teeth is just what we like to see coming from local artists. The music world is a hunting grounds where everyone hunts for the same single game roaming a great plain by his lonesome. It’s going to take a lot of tenacity to be the victor, and Roger Rebel has that. His lyrics on “Track 1” are serious and straight the point with metaphoric elements keeping the thinking alive paired with the “get em up” style that is Flex Malik. We really enjoy this song in hopes that you all will as well. Follow Roger closely as he gets ready for a few projects and see how serious this rapper takes his craft.

[written by Hatsu-Yachichiki]